Aluminum Piping

Aluminum Piping

Aluminum Pipe,  the fourth-generation of pipe connection design uses pipe clamps, surface sealing ring and convex pipe as whole parts, which achieves a quick fit with very good sealing. Compared to an O-type sealing ring, this fourth-generation of sealing ring upgrades to surface contact sealing: performance is more reliable and life time is doubled compared to line type sealing.

Grab Ring Clamping Style Connection – DN 20-50mm

  • metal clamshell union connector, quick install & re-assembly,
  • grab ring with surface contact, no shrinking on inner diameter,
  • surface contact, active concentric sealing, leak free,
  • superior reliability & longevity, 20 years’ lifespan.

Lugged Ring Clamping Style Connection – DN 63-200mm

  • metal clamshell union connector, quick install & re-assembly,
  • convex ring, no shrinking on inner diameter,
  • surface contact, active concentric sealing, leak free,
  • superior reliability & longevity, 20 years’ lifespan.


Aluminu pe, the full performance compressed air pipe system is a complete, high quality ring main solution, combining flexibility with efficiency for quick and easy installations.

Quick & Easy to install

  • no detailed technical training required,
  • the pipe and the joints can be assembled quickly without any preparation; no welding, gluing or crimping needed,
  • lightweight, easy to cut pipes: easy to handle on site.

Aluminum pipe fittings : A Flexible Solution

  •  fittings can be disconnected and re-used,
  • quick drops can be added at any time, adapting to changes in the production line,
  • as the connections are made from the side, the risk of condensate waste is eradicated,
  • high quality Terminal Wall Connector complete with manual drain and twin outlet connection,
  • Pipe’s extensive range of pipe and fittingsenables a bespoke compressed air system to be built which can meet specific production needs.

Durable & Resistant: Low Pressure Drop

  • high quality, smooth inner surface will never rust. It ensures a constant flow of clean compressed air and guarantees safety at the point of use,
  • the high performance sealingsystem ensures a leak free seal,
  • low friction inner surface eliminates airflow restriction, reducing the pressure drop and saving energy,
  • AIRpipe is corrosion, vibration and heat resistant; the air quality is preserved throughout the whole system up to the point of use, protecting the downstream equipment and the manufacturing process.

Seamless Compatibility

  • Aluminum pipe can connect seamlessly to the female thread, male thread and flange joints,
  • full-flow design on the valve allows quick installation and saves energy.


Available sizes

20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm

Suitable fluids

  • compressed air (oil-free, wet or lubricated),
  • vacuum,
  • inert gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Helium),

Maximum working pressure

  • 15 bar* from -20°C to +80°C
  • vacuum level: 1 mbar (absolute pressure).

*maximum working pressure for 200 mm is 13 bar

Lubricant compatibility

Compatible with all types of mineral and synthetic compressor oils.

Resistance to

Corrosion, aggressive environments, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and UV for outdoor applications.

Fire resistance

Fittings are all in aluminum, non-flammable and with no propagation of flame.


  • piping is made of 6063-T5 calibrated alloy aluminum and is powder coated outside,
  • fittings are made of robust cast aluminum, painted in grey, with durable Nitrile gasket seals,
  • pipe, fittings, and valves are available silicone-free.


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