Flow Monitoring

Compressed Air Flow Monitoring

Industrial air compressors use more electricity than the majority of other types of equipment and regularly account for as much as a third of the energy expenditure in an industrial plant. 

Flow monitoring can be used in energy management systems to help determine at any given time the optimal number of compressor units needed for the operation. This is determined by evaluating excessive air consumption and ascertaining the compressed air usage time of day.

With faster and more accurate pressure controls it is possible to maintain a lower average pressure in the whole system as it is not necessary to keep a higher pressure in order to maintain the minimum level required. Fluctuations are smaller, the control range narrower and the overall consumption reduced. Narrower variations in power also make it possible to avoid negative effects on production quality control.


Following tasks are performed in flow monitoring:


  1. Compressor efficiency test
  2. Total compressed air consumption of plant
  3. Compressor efficiency test
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